Dredge in Greymouth
18th December 2018
Media Release 18 December 2018 Kawatiri Dredge exceeding expectations Excellent weather conditions and less than expected “labour intensive” grab dredging has allowed the dredge Kawatiri to exceed expectations in removing a build-up of silt at the Port of Greymouth. A total of just over 69,000m3 had been removed in the week ending 15th December. “We’re extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made and we’ve had excellent feedback from all stakeholders in this project” said Westport Port Manager Jackie Mathers. She said the skill of the crew and versatility of the dredge had enabled much more suction dredging during the campaign, resulting in reduced costs for the project. “Using the grab is time consuming and costly and the fact that we’ve only had to do about three days of this type of dredging so far has made all the difference” she said. Ms Mathers said the reduced cost had allowed for a further 10,000m3 to be added to the original 80,000m3 the dredge had been contracted to remove. “After a break over Christmas we expect to complete that amount early in the New Year and then return to Westport and do a few loads out of the Floating Basin before we tie her up at her berth in the Buller River“. She said the Greymouth contract would enable the work at Westport plus a further trip to the Nelson slipway in March/April next year for some much needed love and attention. “Kawatiri’s worked incredibly hard in the last four months and it’s great that these contracts will enable scheduled maintenance work to be done on her without any cost to ratepayers”, she said. Ms Mathers praised the crew of the dredge for their dedication and desire to do an excellent job. “We’ve had a great bunch of guys on board who’ve left loved ones at home for months on end and I can’t thank them enough for helping us make it happen”. She also thanked Westreef Services for providing former Westport Harbour crew for the contracts and John Blair of TRT Westport for also allowing a former crew member to work on the vessel. “It’s been a real team effort and I’ve had a lot of support from a lot of people for which I’m extremely grateful.” She said it was a real treat to have had the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visit the dredge whilst it was in Greymouth. “I doubt there’s many dredgers in New Zealand that can claim they’ve had the Prime Minister on board”. -ENDS- For further information please contact: Jackie Mathers: jackie.mathers@bdc.govt.nz
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