Important MNZ Safety Bulletin for jet boat owners and operators
7th June 2019
This bulletin contains a new and important safety message from Maritime NZ to recreational, commercial and racing jet boat owners and operators. The bulletin is required as a result of an investigation MNZ experts undertook following a recent fatal high-speed jet boat accident. The cause of the accident was identified as steering failure caused by a D-shackle pin working loose after the wire locking on the pin became fatigued and broke. Maritime NZ is asking all owners of jet boats to ensure their boats are safe. If they are using D-shackles and locking wire they should check that the shackles are individually wire locked. Check the condition of the shackles. If there are nicks or tooling damage, consider replacing them. MNZ is recommending that people talk to their supplier or jet boat manufacturer if they are unsure. Jet boats are boats are manufactured by many companies and this potential issue affects all jet boats that use D-shackles as part of their steering set up. The full MNZ safety bulletin can be viewed:
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