To promote a zero harm culture for employees, contractors and visitors at Westport Harbour and to comply with all Health and Safety legislation.


To reduce harm within our business to zero.

Westport Harbour ensures that:

  • The “Towards Zero Harm” principles are communicated and adhered to at the site.
  • Healthy and safe working conditions are provided.
  • Health and Safety hazards are identified and then eliminated, isolated or controlled.
  • Health and safety protective equipment is provided and used.
  • Health and Safety performance targets are set, measured, appraised and reported.
  • Regular Health and Safety audits are carried out and reviewed.
  • Employees are involved in the development and the management of Health and Safety policies.
  • Everyone has the right and responsibility to stop an activity if they believe it is unsafe or fails to meet our Health and Safety standards.


Everyone at Westport Harbour will:

  • Adhere to the “Towards Zero Harm” principles.
  • Hold each other accountable for working safely.
  • Observe, practice, and encourage healthy and safe work methods.
  • Report or rectify any unhealthy or unsafe work conditions or equipment.
  • Report all incidents, including near hits.
  • Wear and maintain the protective equipment provided.
  • Ensure the correct type and fit of personal protective equipment is chosen for the job.
  • Participate in health and safety training provided by the Company.