To provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all workers.

Westport Harbour ensures that:

  • Healthy and safe working conditions are provided.
  • Health and Safety hazards are identified and then eliminated, isolated or controlled.
  • Health and safety protective equipment is provided and used.
  • Regular Health and Safety systems are in place and reviewed.
  • Everyone has the right and responsibility to stop an activity if they believe it is unsafe or fails to meet our Health and Safety standards.


Everyone at Westport Harbour will:

  • Hold each other accountable for working safely.
  • Observe, practice, and encourage healthy and safe work methods.
  • Report or rectify any unhealthy or unsafe work conditions or equipment.
  • Report all incidents, including near misses.
  • Wear and maintain the protective equipment provided.
  • Ensure the correct type and fit of personal protective equipment is chosen for the job.
  • Participate in health and safety training provided by the Council.