Fishing Wharf

Important information regarding use of the wharf:

  1. All fishing vessels to ensure that for reasons of safety their ‘flopper stoppers’ are pulled inward on arrival
  2. Shore power – please work with other port users when using shore power.  Take the time to discuss your power needs with those on the same outlet.  Be aware that the system was not designed for high draw appliances/tools i.e. washing machines, heaters, dryers etc. NOTE: If your vessel has an earth leak this may cause the RCD/Fuse to trip/blow.
  3. Please empty your oil into the red drum located on the main wharf.  The lid is unlocked.
  4. With regard to vessel rubbish, please ensure its only galley rubbish, cardboard, glass and tins.  No wires, industrial or commercial waste.

Port personnel will identify new arrivals and provide to them an information pack and safety information, or alternatively you can print these out below and have them ready on your arrival.